Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The people of NSW own the public Ferry service, today the Rees government is attempting to make short term monetary gain "by selling off the farm", so to speak.

Public transport helps with reducing our environmental footprint, it assists those that do not have access to a private vehicle get to desired destinations.

Sydney Ferries are not only an icon that most tourists to this city want to ride on, but are a necessary part of the infrastructure that makes Sydney the premier city of Australia.

This blog is here to hopefully build up support and show this short term thinking government that we the people of NSW value our public transport and by maintaining the Ferries in public hands we will help to stop the rot that has been set in motion by the public sell off of our prized possessions.

We hope that with your support, we will stop this short sighted madness by our elected members of government and just perhaps remind them that we the voters are who they represent and not the interest of large corporate business that seeks to exploit profits ahead of services.