Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The first step

Well yesterday the NSW government saved Sydney Ferries from the storm of profiteering that private enterprise brings to the table.
This is only the first step! The Ferries have made significant changes to the way they do business, this has meant that the government has given them a chance to continue the reforms in order to make the Ferries a world's best service.
The next step is up to the staff. Don't think that this issue has gone away, if the Ferries fail to improve then the government will make drastic changes and service will suffer.
Sydney Ferries despite the rubbish that media reports make to the contrary, has a safety record to be admired, millions of movements each year and few incident. Of course the slightest mishaps are pounced upon by the gutter feeding media and the mindless lackeys that use these as some sort of bible followed in unquestioning belief.
A thought to ponder, why are the critical control failures that the new shiny fast ferry service suffer at times brushed aside without a whimper in the press?
To the nay sayers, you can always catch the bus!
To the boys and girls well done but this is only the first step!

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